August Prayer Letter 2023

For we are God’s fellow workers; you are God’s field, you are God’s building. ~ 1 Corinthians 3:9

Dear pastors & prayer partners: Peace be with you!

Thank God for His guidance, the Voice of Salvation has been invited by 23 churches to their Sunday services since January to July. We shared our vision of media ministry, so as update the progress. On one hand, more pastors, brothers and sisters learned about the significance of our ministry and we thank God for that; on the other hand, we got the opportunity to express our gratitude and encouragement to those churches, brothers and sisters that have been supporting us through prayers and offerings on a long term basis.

Once after sharing our ministry in a church, the pastor's wife approached us to share her sentiments. She is deeply moved by our ministry and highly recognizes its significance in current generation. Her two children are loyal listeners to our programs for the children, she hoped that they could serve God via media ministry when they grow up and asked us to pray for them.

Thank God for using the Voice of Salvation for almost 50 years to continuously broadcast gospel programs through various media platforms such as radio, internet and social media. These programs spread the truth, lead people to Christ, and shape listeners to be disciples. We’d like to invite you once more to participate in the media ministry through prayers, offerings, sharing and volunteering. Together, let's reach out to save the lost souls in this end time generation.

[Thanksgiving, Updates and Prayer Requests]

1. Thank God that relevant trainings have been conducted for the production teams of three programs. Starting in August, we are entering into the stage recording and editing programs. Please pray for all the participants to experience smooth processes recording the content that edifying content can be provided to the listeners. New programs will be launched next January. Please also pray for everything to do with the progress of program development.

2. Please pray for the optimization of our mobile App. The Android version has completed testing while iOS version is being tested, estimated to be launched in August.

3. Thank God that the Voice of Salvation is approaching to its 50th anniversary next year. Please pray for everything to do with the preparations for the 50th anniversary service of thanksgiving.

4. In response to the increasing needs of the ministry, we need to hire a full-time administrative assistant, two program hosts and several volunteers. Please pray for our human resource needs and feel free to recommend suitable candidates.

5. Thank you for supporting our media ministry through offerings. If you chose to donate through bank transfers, please inform us of your name and address after the transfer is done, we will send you subsequent offering receipts.


[Letters/Messages from Listeners]

From China: "Please pray for my son. Pray that God will break the ties of sins that are binding him, also break the bondage from the enemy Satan and set my son free. May he walk on the path God has prepared for him and become someone pleasing to God!"

From China: "I struggle with fierce jealousy. What should I do? I am feeling quite painful."

From China: "Thank God, He listens to our prayers... May God bless you abundantly for the works you do and strengthen them. Amen!

From China.. Hello host, not sure have you received my text message? Could you please pray for my daughter to meet someone suitable as the life partner? May Jesus Christ be with us. Amen!

From China...Thank God, every time I feel that I can't bear it anymore, there was always someone sent by the Lord to comfort me. God bless you!

From China: I have been listening to your program every day in my spiritual quiet time, there were many topics that you talked about, such as revenge, love your enemies, etc.. Which were so clear and explicit that stood out from plenty sermons I have ever heard.

From Taiwan: "I've been listening to the program for two or three years. Could you create a program segment in which you can share God's grace of what’s happening in our daily lives?"


[Feedback from Bible Correspondence Course Students]

Student Hsu: "Through the Bible course, I came to realize that I am a sinner. By the love and mercy of Heavenly Father, Jesus died for our sins on the cross to bear our sins. That we, having died unto sins, might live unto righteousness.

◎ Student Chin: "In this course, I realized that there is a God who loves us, who understands everything about us. He sent His son Jesus Christ into this world to convey the word of God. In this course, I learned that we shall receive everything by faith, just trust in all of God's arrangements."

Student Wei: Through this course, I learned the heart of humility and selfless love that a Christian should have. I genuinely learned how to dedicate myself completely to the Lord and rely on the Lord to be an overcomer every moment to deal with difficulties in life. May the Lord grant this peace to His beloved one. Amen!"

Student Liao: "This course has greatly helped me in realizing the teachings in the Bible are the teachings from God. Furthermore, I have come to realize how abundant the teachings of the Bible are. Moreover, I have been able to feel the depth of Christ's love – He died on the cross for our sins, and this is the greatest love.

Student Shi: Thank God for helping me to understand the truth even more. I’d like to thank the teacher as well. This course made me understand the Lord Jesus more. God is just, faithful, and loving. People could change, but God never changes, being the constant one true God. I learned to commit everything to God, look up and trust in the Lord.