November Prayer Letter 2023

November Prayer Letter 2023

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.” ~Philippians 1:6

Dear fellow pastors and prayer partners: Peace in the Lord!

Thanks be to God that each morning our coworkers always pray and study the Bible together in the devotion time before starting daily work. Recently we read the 1 and 2 Corinthians, Paul wrote them with the heart of a father to the believers in the Corinthian church in order to restore and edify them, this determination and action deeply inspires us. Because, we believe that each episode of the programs produced by Voice of Salvation is like a “letter” written to the listeners. We hope that those who receive the "letter" can hear the message of salvation in the program and be willing to receive and experience God's work in each of them; for this reason, we pray that "Lord, may You use each episode to fulfill Your good, perfect and pleasing will."

Sharing a message from one of our listeners to Duoduo, the host of the program "Awake with the Angel"… Quote the message: “Was this program hosted by Duoduo back in 2002 as well? I became a believer after listening to this program. At that time, I didn’t do well at the college entrance examination and was quite depressed. When I listened to your station, the voice from this program was full of love and tenderness.

There was a phrase mentioned in the program – “Look at the birds in the sky. They do not sow or reap or store into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them... (Matthew 6:26)”, I know this is not something that a human being can say. Therefore I believed right that moment and became a believer. Thank God for that...”

The gospel is the power of God and can save everyone who believes; 21 years ago, each episode from that program was like a "letter" sent from God’s hands. A sad girl who was facing failure in the college entrance examination heard God’s words and believed the gospel. 21 years later, this exciting miracle was shared with us.

Thank God for always strengthening and inspiring us through the responses of listeners. Only God knows where the lost persons are and He is looking for them to give them His salvation. Through the radio ministry, we have comforted those souls who are frustrated and are longing for God’s truth. We just need to be faithful and persevere for what’s entrusted by God to continue following His footsteps in the media missions and Bible correspondence ministry.

Voice of Salvation is about to enter its 50th anniversary. We sincerely invite you once again to continue supporting us with prayers and offerings to take the mission work together by walking and working with God.

[Thanksgiving, Updates and Prayer Requests]

1.Thank God that Voice of Salvation will cooperate with a gospel center for the visually impaired to put the following programs into their App for listening: "Awake with the Angel", "Children's Bible Stories", and "Whispering hope" to bless and edify more visually impaired friends. We believe that God will open more broadcast channels and platforms, please pray for us.

2.We look forward to more invitations and arrangements to promote our ministry on the Radio Sundays in 2024. We are more than willing to share what’s done by God on media missions with different churches. Please refer and pray for us.

3.The VOS App optimization project has entered into the final stage. We are thankful to many organizations, brothers and sisters in Christ who have helped us professionally and financially. Please pray for the subsequent launch and promotions for this App that more people can be reached to hear the gospel.

4.In response to the needs of the ministry, we will recruit 3-4 full time colleagues. Please pray for the current staff and additional resource needs. Referrals from pastors, brothers and sisters in Christ are welcome.

5.Thank God that our program for women has cooperated with a team led by a teacher from the Campus Crusade to cultivate women with faith. Brand new episodes will be launched in January, 2024. In addition, gospel programs for children, music programs, etc… will also be launched next year. Please pray for the production teams and related preparations.

[Letters/Messages from Listeners]

From China: Greetings! I have been listening to the program "Light of Truth" for some time, and it has helped me a lot. I am fully aware of the fact that I need to equip with more truth, however I didn’t focus on learning God’s words because of the pressure in life and work, may God render His mercy and help. Please pray for me to understand God’s calling. Thanks…

From China: Shalom! There are so many good programs from VOS. I listened to the program "Light of Truth" yesterday, and was about to study the 4 gospel books. I therefore searched for your programs that taught the first two chapters of the Book of Matthew but couldn’t find them due to time constraints. I’d like to listen to it. Can you please share them? I am willing to know the truth, please pray for me to equip myself more.

From China: Thanks for sharing the “life expiration date” in the program. Lately out of a physical checkup a colon polyp was found in my body and it was removed during the checkup. However, the pathology report has not been released and I was grasped with fear. I was quite worried about what to do if it’s malignant or cancer? After listening to your sharing in the program, I suddenly realized that life has an expiration date. Indeed, what I should worry about shall not be how long I can live, but pray that I can live a meaningful life without regrets in the years to come and bring God into daily life, make the best use of the gifts given to me to make life worthwhile …

From China: A brother said that our God can heal all kinds of diseases, if we are sick and don’t want to come to the Lord, it is a sign of lack of faith. Praying for healing while relying on medicines and injections is a double-minded approach and will gain nothing. May I ask if believing in the Lord Jesus means that we cannot go to the hospitals when being sick? …

[Feedback from Bible Correspondence Course Students]

Student Su... Lord Jesus, I praise you and thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue studying your words, because you are in my heart and give me hope in the prison. I learned from this course that I must face everything with humility. Because of Your love, I can get rid of all types of fear and know that I shall treat others the same way I want to be treated. I believe that all the trials in my life are arranged by You in particular. Only then did I have the opportunity to get to know You and learn Your laws in prison. …

Student Chien ... Through the course, I realized that we have always been living in God’s grace without realizing it. The only thing we have to do to enjoy the grace is trusting in God. That was fantastic! For this, I want to lead more people to know God and share it with many friends around me. Regardless those in jails to serve their sentences, or people in the society, or those got detained and banned from visitors, we have to share the gospel to all…