About Voice of Salvation

Our vision: Let all the Chinese around the world hear the voice of salvation!

“Then I saw another angel flying in midair, and he had the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on the earth—to every nation, tribe, language and people.” Rev. 14:6

Voice of Salvation was founded in Taiwan on January 16th 1974, by missionaries from Norwegian Lutheran Mission. Thank God that He has been guiding our ministry more than 40 years. In God’s grace, Voice of Salvation started the radio ministry with a simple tape recorder and delivered audio tapes to the radio stations at the coastal villages in north-east Taiwan, such as Yi-lan, Luo-tung, Su-au towns…etc. Today, in God’s grace, we have two professional recording studios and three computerized small recording studios. And the vision of V.O.S has been broadened from Taiwan to all the Chinese around the world.

Starting 1993, Norwegian missionaries returned to Norway one after another. They transferred V.O.S to the Lutheran Church of Republic of China.(LCROC) In 1997, the Lutheran Church began a plan to make V.O.S independent of Lutheran support and to make the radio ministry as an extension of all the congregations.

In these more than 40 years, V.O.S never stops preaching the gospel by using radio programs, publications, and audio materials…etc. We also help our listeners to find suitable churches and use Salvation Bible correspondence courses to do the follow-up and truth-teaching work.

In March 2003, “Cloud of Witnesses,” a life-witnessing program over 10 years, was expanded into the “Cloud of Witnesses Ministry.” Besides extending the broadcast channels from Taiwan, China, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, to all the Chinese worldwide, we produce those over 500 Christian audio testimonies into CDs which are given freely to all churches, brothers and sisters for the purpose of preaching the gospel. We also help churches arrange evangelistic gatherings and encourage them to share the gospel with their community and neighbors.

Our three main ministries:

Radio ministry

 To meet the needs of listeners in different age groups, we produce many different kinds of gospel programs:

【pre-gospel programs for children】:”Children’s Bible Stories”, & ”Popcorn”

【pre-gospel family programs】:”Our Time” & “Colorful Life”

【Truth-teaching programs】:”Insight for Living” & “Light of Truth”

【pre-gospel programs for youth】:”Awake with the Angel”, “Heart’s Night Prayers”, “Youth Chat Bar”, & “Heart’s Palette” 

【Life-witnessing program】:”Cloud of Witnesses”

【care and prayer program】:“Pray for all the Chinese”


Cloud of Witnesses Ministry

We invite Christians to share how their lives were transformed by God, and we broadcast their testimonies through different media platforms. We also help arrange evangelistic meetings for churches to bring these life-changing stories to friends, family, and communities.

We produce their testimonies into CDs, with the hope that Christians can use them to spread the gospel. These CDs are not for sale. It is our hope that Christians will give these CDs to non-Christians and invite them to church to hear the word of God, with the ultimate goal of helping them accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Salvation Bible Correspondence School

Salvation Bible Correspondence School was founded in 1974 to fulfill the needs of listeners and people who are eager to learn about God.

Thanks be to God, over the past more than 40 years, Salvation Bible Correspondence School has been helping so many people study the Bible. By working with several Christian organizations, such as Prison Fellowship, Operation Dawn, Chinese Campus Crusade for Christ…etc., we bring the word of God to prisoners and individuals in remote areas that lack Bible teachers.

We hope that through our Bible courses, the learners will depend on God’s word to live a victorious Christian life. Enrolled learners range from elderly people to elementary school students. The school has expanded its ministry from Taiwan to China, U.S.A, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand…etc. Now the courses are also available through emails. Please contact us for more information.